Advanced FAQs

The Rebillia platform holds lots of functionalities and integration possibilities, search for any of your questions from the documentation segment below. If your questions still remains unanswered – contact our team.

Are Transactions using stored credit card data treated the same in my BigCommerce store?

Yes. As Rebillia is fully integrated with BigCommerce, all transactions will be the same as your “regular” transactions.

Can I still use other payment methods but Credit Cards?

Yes, of course. As Rebillia engages the shopper only after choosing the payment method and clicking the “Proceed To Payment” button – no prior processes are affected.

Can a customer edit their Saved Card information?

Yes. By implementing Rebillia’s “Manage Payment Options” add-on, your customers will be able to view, add and delete any saved credit card information on their account.

Why do I get a pop up error "Undefined" when checking out? The payment still goes through

This will happen only to BluePrint/Legacy theme users and happens due to the fact that while installing the app, the installer (by mistake) implemented both Rebillia’s code for BluePrint/Legacy themes and Rebillia’s code for Stencil themes.

To fix the issue, go to “Advanced Settings” –> “Web Analytics” –> “Google Analytics” and delete Rebillia’s code from there. NOTE – you might have other codes implemented in this section as well (such as google tracking) – Make sure you do not delete them by mistake.

What are the options "View all" "Saless" "Refund"... for?

Those selection options are filters to assist you view transactions as you wish.

The left section “View all / Sales / Refund” is the main filter that filters between the types of transactions.

The right section “View all / Authorized / Settled / Declined / Voided” is the sub-filter that lets you comfortably navigate within each transaction type.

Why does my daily store revenue not match the gateway settlement amount report.

Transactions need to go through a settlement process (in the gateway), which is a process that physically moves money from the shopper’s account to the merchant’s account.

The money is guaranteed to come through, as the order was successful, but the settlement time can take over 24-36 hours sometimes due to many reasons (Contact gateway support for questionary about this matter).

Should you execute a report of settled transactions on your gateway panel, you will be able to see which transactions were settled on which date.

How do I change the transaction type from "Authorize Only" to "Authorize & Capture" or vise-versa?

In order to do so successfully, you would need to change the transaction type on 2 locations.

1. Go to “Store Setup” –> “Payments” –> Operating Gateway.

2. Go to “Apps” –> “Rebillia” –> “Settings” –> “Payment Method” and edit the operating gateway.

Why can't I see AVS information in the gateway log for PayPal transactions?

Although Rebillia sends all the information to the gateway, Some PayPal Pro accounts, using the REST APP functionality, might not be set up to recieve AVS information. For more information, please contact PayPal.


*This can also mean that your gateway’s fraud detection suite is not working properly.

What do I see when I click "View" on an order?

When clicking the “View” button of an order you will be forwarded to our live gateway response log. This interface will provide detailed information regarding the order status and the actions available on the order (Refund, Void etc..).

Can I offer multiple currencies on my store?

Currently, NO.

As Rebillia gets the store’s information, it is only presented with the default currency (for example: USD) by BigCommerce.

If you offer your customers to view the store on different currencies, for example GBP, Rebillia will get the updated order total (for example: $15 USD = £12.14) but charge it in USD, meaning the customer will be charged $12.14 USD.

If you want to use Rebillia and are offering your services on different currencies – please contact us so we can add you to our notification list for this update.

Why do I see the same order number multiple times?

Rebillia saves all history records of any order and shows it by “transactions” made (refund, partial refund ..)

See screenshot 1 order is classified as “Sale” and the rest as “Refund”

Why can't I click on Authorized and Declined buttons in transaction section?

When the transaction type is filtered to “Refund”, the “Authorized” and “Declined” sub-filters will not be available as there are no “Authorized” or “Declined” refunds.

Click “View All” on the main filter (to the left) to have them clickable again.

Can I see all order charges / refunds history in 1 place?

Yes.  Search for the original order number on the search bar. You will get all the transactions made with the same order number, as shown:

What is the difference between Red numbers and Green numbers in transactions?

Green signifies a charge (+$$ in your account) and Red signifies a refund (-$$ in your account)

Rebillia Saved Credit Card App asks me to designate a payment gateway as “default” - what does that mean?

Rebillia Saved Credit Card App will store credit cards and process transactions through the payment gateway designated as “default” in the Rebillia dashboard. However, payment will still be processed through the payment gateway that was used to store your customer’s credit cards prior to the switch.

I recently changed my domain name / SSL and Rebillia Saved Credit Card does not appear to be working, what do I do?

Changing / updating your domain name / SSL will most probably mean that Rebillia will need to be updated as well with the change.

Go to the Rebillia app –> click on your name on the top right corner –> Settings, and update the secure domain name section with your new domain.

I recently changed my payment gateway API keys, do I need to change them on Rebillia Saved Credit Card App too?
Yes, to update Rebillia Saved Credit Card App, goto your Rebillia dashboard, go to “Settings” and update your payment gateway information.
The only option I see is to void a transaction. What if I want to issue a partial refund? How can that be done?

Seeing the “Void” option means that the transaction is still under the settlement process. There is no way to partially Void a transaction, so you will need to wait (max 24 hours) for the settlement process to be done, then the “Void” option will be replaced with a “Refund” option that will allow you to partially refund the order.

A new customer checked out, and their card was not saved. What happened?

Rebillia will only save a customer’s credit card after an account has been created, and BigCommerce only creates an account after a customer’s first complete checkout. When your customer returns, their credit card will be saved.

How do I cancel my account?

Simply uninstall Rebillia from your store. That will trigger our system to close your account right after the closing of the your store’s next billing cycle.

In order to uninstall the app correctly, and prevent the app from approaching your store, please do not forget to delete the codes you have implemented while installing the app.

How do I allow my shoppers to choose whether to save or not to save the card?

Currently, it is not an available functionality, but we are working towards the release of this functionality.

A work around that have proved to work is signing up with 2 separate gateway services, 1 that is compatible with Rebillia and another that is not. In the gateway payment settings, give them both the appropriate names. One would be “Purchase and Save your Credit Card” and the other “Purchase and don’t save your credit card”.

Why is the checkout working, but the "Manage Payment Options" is not working?

For stores that have an SSL certificated domain, the store’s “Site-wide HTTPS” setting must be configured for the entire site.

To make sure it is, or have this fixed, go to Store Setup –> Store Settings, scroll down to “HTTPS” section and choose the “Use HTTPS for entire site” option.

Note: This is not only for Rebillia, but also for correct SSL certificate use.

Why is Rebillia disengaging automatically in my checkout?

This is a common error for stores that have an SSL certificated domain. For this matter, the store’s “Site-wide HTTPS” setting must be configured for the entire site.

To make sure it is, or have this fixed, go to Store Setup –> Store Settings, scroll down to “HTTPS” section and choose the “Use HTTPS for entire site” option.

Note: This is not only for Rebillia, but also for correct SSL certificate use.