Auto Sync Order Status

While taking actions in Rebillia’s dashboard is easier and more detailed than ever, we know how important BigCommerce’s order page is for our merchants, and that is why we have created our app to fully sync with it for your convenience.

Status Changes Are –

Void in Rebillia will show
Refund in Rebillia will show
Authorize in Rebillia will show
Charged Authorized in Rebillia will show
Authorized & Captured in Rebillia will show

Partial Refunds:

Once Refunding any amount of an order in Rebillia, the status will change to the respective status in BigCommerce and will show the summary of the refunded amount in BigCommerce order details.

Partial Charges:

Once deciding to charge and authorized order, there is an option to partially charge it to any amount up to the authorized amount. If for any reason you want to charge less than the authorized amount – the order summary will change in Rebillia’s dashboard but will not change in BigCommerce order section. To prevent false details on this matter, please follow the instructions on “Authorize Only” functionality