Customer Interface

Rebillia offers a multi-layered interface to allow your customers full control over their subscriptions and everything included. Follow the document below to see the break down of options and abilities your customers will have with this interface.

By logging in to their account on your store, customers will be able to access this interface directly from their “My Account” page as a clickable content. The interface includes the following 3 sections:

Payment Options

This is where the customer will be able to manage the cards saved on their accounts by authorizing new cards and deleting old cards. Authorizing a new card here would be the first step to enter a new card to be used on their subscriptions.



This is where the customer can view and take various actions on their active subscriptions. By clicking on the “Edit” button to the right, they will get a description of the plan, including product picture, name, price, frequency and quantity and also be able to:

  • 1. Change the shipping address on their subscription – The addresses come directly from their address book on BigCommerce. In order to enter a new shipping address, they must first enter a new shipping address in their “Address Book”.
  • 2. Change the payment method on the subscription – The available cards come directly from the “Payment Options” interface and must be pre added there. Customers will not be able to  un-check a card if they only have one card on file.
  • 3. Opt to skip selected upcoming deliveries – If the customer is planning on a trip or vacation, don’t make them cancel the subscription – just allow them to skip the specific orders that they won’t be there to use and enjoy.
  • 4. Cancel the subscription entirely – With a “enter text to authenticate” system – they will not be able to mistakenly cancel the subscription, but it is still easy to do.
  • 5. Edit the subscription details – Allowing the customers to edit related SKU selections, subscription plan, frequency and even the next charge date on their subscription – while updating the subscription price automatically, according to the product rules in your BigCommerce store.

Upcoming Deliveries

This is where the customer can view their upcoming deliveries by month, 6 months ahead of delivery. They interface will show:

  • 1. How many deliveries to expect each month.
  • 2. Product picture, Name, Price and Quantity.
  • 3. Skipped deliveries will be displayed grayed out.