Export/Import SKUs  & Rules

This documentation segment is to be used as a step-by-step supporting file, explaining how to prevent the loss of existing SKUs on a product once creating a subscription to it.

Explaining the situation –

When creating a subscription on a product with Rebillia, the option set attached to the product will change. As the SKUs and Rules are attached to the option set itself and not to the product, they will be lost once the subscription is created.

To prevent the loss of those SKUs and Rules, we have created an Export/Import method that will allow you to overcome this loss.


Disclamer – Doing this process wrong will malfunction your product. Rebillia will not take responsibility for mistakes made in doing this process. 

What to prepare?

  • – Pre-written list of products for subscription.
  • – Administrator role access to the store.

O.K! – Let’s get started…

Step #1 – Exporting existing product list:

  • – From the back-end of BigCommerce, click on “Products”.
  • – Click on “Export”.
  • – In the list interface under “Template”, select “Bulk Edit”.
  • – Click the “Continue” button on the bottom right corner of the page.
  • – In the pop-up, click on “Export my products to a CSV file” and download the compiled file.

Step #2 – Isolating subscription products from the CSV file:

  • – Open the exported file and then open a new excel file.
  • – Copy row 1 (the headers) from the original file and paste it into the newly created excel file.
  • – Find the product you want to create a subscription for in the original file, copy it and all the SKUs and Rules associated with it and paste it in the newly created excel file. (Repeat this step with all products you are to create a subscription for).

Step #3 – Preparing subscription products for Import:

This whole step will take place in the newly created excel file where we copy/pasted the subscription products.

  • – Delete the IDs of all SKUs and Rules. Make sure you do not delete the product ID by mistake.
  • – Scroll to “Product Image File – 1” (column AD) and delete SKU / Rule based images.*
  • – For each product: Copy the product name (column C), go to the “Option Set” cell (column H), remove the existing text and enter there –> rebillia_ then paste the product name. Example: product name is “Rebillia’sBestProduct“. Option set should show “rebillia_Rebillia’sBestProduct“.
  • – Save the final file as a CSV extention file.

*According to BigCommerce’s functionality – SKU/Rule based images are saved in a temporary file that you can not access with a creation of a new Option Set / SKU / Rule.


Step #4 – Creating the subscription and Importing:


  • – Follow our “Create New Subscription” documentation file to create the subscriptions.
  • – After the subscriptions has been created, go back to the “Products” section in BigCommerce control panel.
  • – Click on “Import”.
  • – Select the CSV file we just created.
  • – Check the “File was exported using the ‘Bulk Edit’ template” box and click the “Next” button.
  • – In the next page “Link Import Fields” just take a quick glance to see that it looks like each field has a different value in it* and click the “Next” button again.
  • Good Example:
    Bad Example:
  • – Click on the “Start Import” button.
  • – Once the import is done, look at the report to make sure there were no errors / issues with the file import.

*If something is wrong with the import file, BigCommerce will not be able to assign the correct header to each column and that will create a jumbled up input field output.