Gateway Setup

In order to make the integration process with Rebillia faster and smoother, we have achieved compatibility with several gateway services.

Rebillia is not replacing your processing company, nor the gateway that is set up on your BigCommerce store. As Rebillia integrates into your store’s existing checkout page, you will have to have the gateway set up in BigCommerce. If you are signing up for a new gateway service in order to use Rebillia, make sure to set the gateway up in your store’s settings as well – or Rebillia will not work.

PayPal powered by Braintree:

This is our staff’s recommended gateway to use.

To set up Rebillia with your Braintree gateway, you need to connect your API keys. Follow the video below to find your API keys.

After implementing your API keys you need to select the transaction method you are using on your store.

If you are checking for the security code on your gateway settings, check the “Verify for security code” box.


This gateway offers a lot of custom setting configuration on its panel. In order for Rebillia to work properly, you might need to enable a couple of settings on your gateway. Follow the video below to enable them.

After you have configured Authorize.NET to work with Rebillia correctly, follow the video below to find your Authorize.NET API keys.


As there is no settlement process in Stripe gateway, there will be no Void action – only Refund.

Follow the video below to find the Keys from your Stripe account to connect Rebillia properly.

PayPal Pro:

PayPal Pro offers 3 different gateways on BigCommerce, and Rebillia is compatible with all 3. Follow the video below to learn how to connect your PayPal Pro gateway with Rebillia.

NOTE: As PayPal does not offer back-end controls to their accounts, every account is dealt with differently (by PayPal themselves) and we can not predict your settings. Please contact PayPal and make sure of 2 things:

– Your PayPal account eligibility is set to “Direct Credit Card – Enabled”.
– Your Fraud detection suite is receiving our AVS information to match Billing information with Credit Card information.
Sadly, as PayPal does not offer back-end control for the user to deal with as they want to – failing to have even one of the 2 set up correctly (by PayPal themselves) will cause Rebillia to malfunction and might take a long time to fix – as you rely on waiting for PayPal’s response, questionnaire and tech team.


Follow the video below to understand how to connect Cybersource to Rebillia properly.