Getting Started With Rebillia

Welcome to the Rebillia Platform app documentation. These pages serve as guides and recommendations for you and your staff members as to learn how to set up and operate correctly with Rebillia on your E-commerce store, as well as give you some ideas, tips and tricks to improve the performance and impact of the Rebillia features on your store.

Rebillia is built to provide enhanced functionalities for merchants on the E-commerce domain. From front-end UI, through customer experience, store usability, Saved Credit Cards, Subscription order, Recurring Billing and better active sales management tools – these ducuments will help you learn and manage your day-to-day account, both on Rebillia and on your E-commerce store.

What Rebillia Has To Offer?

Rebillia offers 2 main brains of smart operations on the payment solutions system, our Saved Credit Cards and Recurring Orders apps. They are both accessible through the same application on E-commerce platforms and can be purchased separately or as a bundle package. Now, as all great powers come with great responsibility, all of Rebillia’s products are on the highest standard of CHD (Card Holder Data) security, and are certificated with a PCI-DSS level 1 service provider status from the PCI-DSS council (Visa, AMEX, MC etc..).

Our Saved Credit Cards app offers easy optimization to the checkout process, customer control interface and a back-end sales management system. This combination has been proven to enhance customer experience, ease store usability, increase buying satisfaction among online shoppers and help merchants take better control over their sales and order management.

Our Recurring Orders app offers fully integrated subscription services that keep the same work and order flow as your store currently has! – with this functionality, your customers can subscribe to any product they want, sign up for memberships, join clubs and even make layaway payments on their desirable products. The merchant’s biggest benefit of this system is what we call “Passive Income” – money you didn’t need to spend time or money to get!

Our Bundle app offers the merchant the ability to enjoy from both worlds, the subscribers and the repeating “1-time-purchasers”.

Looking for more information?

If you are interested in the product or stuck in the process, you can use one of the following channels to let us help you:

  • – schedule a demo with one of our experts and get all your questions answered live, with screen share capabilities and step-by-step instructions.
  • – Call our office at (404) 900-6858 to talk with one of our trained representatives.
  • – Chat with one of our guides on our LiveChat on the bottom-right corner of the screen. No automated machine answers – Get answers from a real, live, person.
  • – Follow through the subjects you want to explore here in our documentation pages.