Manage Subscriptions

This document will help you learn how to manage your created subscription plans and everything that is incorporated in it.

To view all available (already created) subscriptions on your store, go to Apps –> Rebillia –> Subscriptions (top panel).

Right under the “+ Add New Subscription” you will find all your available subscription plans. Each plan will feature its (1)Name, (2)Assigned Product, (3)Custom Price, (4)Custom Shipping Price and (5)Number of Signed Up Customers. See image below as example:

When clicking on the name of the subscription, you will be able to view more in depth details about the subscription itself, such as the (1)Intervals, (2)Customers and (3)Transactions that were already made to this subscription. See example below:

By Choosing to “Edit Subscription” you will be able to change the ProductIntervalsCustom Price and Customer Shipping Price on the subscription. Note that every change you make will take immediate effect, thus we do not recommend massively editing an already active subscription.

Furthermore, as long as there is an active customer in a subscription – the subscription could not be cancelled.

More Information Resources

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