REmail Queue Management

Follow this documentation page to learn what is the queue and how to manage / control the items in it.

The “Queue” section holds all the emails to be sent from campaigns that have been triggered on your store. Each item in the queue represents an email that will be sent and has the following details:

  1. 1. Send Date – this is the date this email is scheduled to be sent.
  2. 2. Campaign – this is the identification of which campaign has triggered this email.
  3. 3. Customer – this is where you will identify the customer & email that will recieve the offer.
  4. 4. Order – this is the original order ID that has triggered the campaign.
  5. 5. Coupon – this is where you will see the specific coupon code assigned (if assigned) to the email offer.

Items (emails) in the queue can be either Deleted from the queue or Expidited to be send right away. You are able to do so either item by item, by clicking on the gear button, or in a bulk action be checking the checkboxes in the page.