reCaptcha Bot Prevention

Rebillia offers a built-in integration with Google’s reCapthca system to increase the security of your store’s checkout page. Read the following documentation to learn how it works and how to enable it


What is v3 reCaptcha?

Google’s latest release, v3 reCapthca, is their newest web-based bot prevention system. By using their own internal information algorithems – Google will score each user’s risk level on a scale of zero to one.

For more detailed information, see Google’s reCaptcha v3 introduction page here.

How does this work with Rebillia?

Differently than previous versions of this system, the end-user is not a part of the test. They do not need to complete puzzles or answer questions to be scored and allowed to proceed. Google’s v3 system does all the checks in the background – without affecting the end-user’s experience. After Google performs their checks and holds the user’s score – Google will let us (Rebillia) know should we allow the user to proceed or not. If they are not allowed to proceed, Rebillia will disable the payments section of your checkout and show an error message to the customer.

How to set up Google reCaptcha on your Rebillia account?

1. Register your website and get your proprietary keys by completing the steps in this page. Make sure to select “v3” from the options Google presents you with.

2. Copy the keys provided by Google and paste them into Rebillia’s reCapthca configurations (In the Rebillia app, go to “Settings” –> “Store Integration” and scroll down until you find it).

3. Copy the following code and replace the “YOUR-KEY-HERE” with your site key (make sure to not delete the ending quotation mark!):

<script src=””></script>


4. Go to “Advanced Settings” –> “Web Analytics”, and paste the modified code into one of the available sections there.
(Recommended to paste it where the Rebillia code is pasted, which is either “Site Verification Tags” or “Visual Website Optimizer”.