REmail Campaign Management

Follow this documentation page to learn how to manage and what you can control in your REmail campaigns.

Each campaign has 5 controls you can use to edit / manage your campaign. Click on the Gear button next to each campagin to access the controls.

  • – Preview how the email will look like when it is sent.
  • – Allowing you to edit the email tamplate for this specific campaign.
  • – Pause any further triggering of the campaign.
  • – Edit the contents of the campaign
  • – Remove the campaign from your store.

Campaigns with no coupon

As we want to allow you to completely edit the campaign’s offering, we have left the coupon section by default in the template. That means that even if you don’t offer a coupon on a specific campaign – the coupon section will still show and the customer will see it, with no actual coupon offer.

To remove the coupon offer from campaigns with no coupon – just click on the “Template” link from the gear button dropdown menu and delete the coupon section, as shown below:

Campaigns with a coupon

When assigning a coupon to a campaign, Rebillia will wait until the campaign has been triggered and only then will we create a coupon for the customer. The coupon will be created into your BigCommerce store “Coupon Codes” area and will follow these rules:

  1. 1. Coupon Name – will always be “REmail_” + order ID.
  2. 2. General Rules – will always follow the selections you have made in the campaign (type of discount, expiration date etc..).
  3. 3. Limited Use – will always be set to allow only 1 use of the coupon.
  4. 4. Product Conditioning – will always be set that only campaign products will be affected by the coupon.

Rebillia will not remove the coupon from your BigCommerce store when it is expired nor when it has been used.