SKU Mapping For REmails

Rebillia’s automatic suggestion system works with pre-determined SKUs on the store’s products and thier variants (Parent SKUs and Child SKUs). This document will help you understand what are those SKUs and how to create them.


What is a SKU?

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a unique identifying code that allows merchants to map, and differentiate between, each variant of it’s items on the catalog. There are two examples of how a SKU system works:

1. A product does not have any variations. You sell a T-Shirt product that has only 1 color and 1 size. These types of products will only have what is called a “Parent SKU”.

2. A product does have variations. You sell a T-Shirt product in 2 different colors (red, black) and 3 different sizes (S, M, L). In order to help software services (like fulfillment centers) understand WHICH shirt variation was purchased, each variant would have it’s own SKU (called “Child SKUs”), like so:

The Red Large Shirt would be “RLTS” and the Black Large Shirt would be “BLTS”.

Using the same logic, Red Medium Shirt would be “RMTS” … etc. with all other variants of the product.


OK, Cool – How do I create them?

1. To apply a “Parent SKU” on a product, go to your product listing (where you edit the product) and look for the input field that is labeled as “Product Code” or “SKU”.

2. To apply “Child SKUs” on a product’s variations, go to your product listing (where you edit the product) and lookf for the “Variations” or “Options” or “SKUs” section. When you found it, follow the listed instuctions to create those “Child SKUs”.