Safe Switch

Rebillia has a smart safe-switch system that checks and anticipates possible errors that will create checkout issues to the shoppers. If one of the checks returns positive, Rebillia will shut itself down, prompting BigCommerce’s regular checkout page to ensure the sale process is not harmed and the purchase is accepted.

Unusual Amount Of Transactions:

When signing up for a Rebillia plan, our system’s algorithm knows to translate the amount of daily transactions going through our system to find a possibility for fraud flood or a DDOS attack. If our system senses an irregular spike of requests on your store – it will automatically disengage itself to prevent your store from overcharges and crossing plan limitations.

API Connection:

Both the platform and the Gateway are using API connectivity to process the orders and transactions. If for some reason one or both fail to respond our check, Rebillia will disengage itself for the said checkout process.

Gateway Credentials:

Rebillia connects the purchase through the gateway credentials pasted in ‘Rebillia Settings’. If for some reason the credentials are not correct or no longer active/valid, Rebillia will disengage itself until the matter is fixed.

JavaScript Errors:

As explained while installing Rebillia, the store must be clean of JS errors for Rebillia to engage correctly. If there are pre-existing JS errors in the checkout page, or a newly implemented JS code creates an error on the checkout page, Rebillia will disengage itself until the matter is fixed.

Unusual Slow Connection:

In order to save and/or show Saved Credit Cards on your website’s checkout page, Rebillia pulls the information on the fly from your Gateway. If the shopper is having slow connectivity on their devise (Bad reception on Mobile for example), Rebillia will shut itself down for the said checkout process.

SSL Settings:

As Rebillia works only within a secure environment, our safe switch will disengage Rebillia for SSL issues due to one of the following two:

  • 1. You own an SSL but did not apply it correctly on your store (see pre-installation checks).
  • 2. You do not own an SSL and forcibly redirect all traffic to your bought domain address instead of the secure domain address provided by BigCommerce upon opening a store.

*NOTE – If your store had a bought SSL applied to it and you disconnected it – BigCommerce might still be directing traffic to your SSL domain for search engine’s history. Please contact BigCommerce.