Subscription Error Messages

This documentation page will help you understand what Rebillia considers and “Error”, what does each error message stand for and how to solve it.


Rebillia divides transactions to 3 main types: (1) Successful, (2) Declined and (3) Error. Not like “Declines”, where the issue has to do with authorizing/charging the credit card on the subscription, “Errors” are transactions where the issue has something to do with the subscription information or the product itself.

Error Message What it means How to fix
“The field ‘(field here)’ is invalid”. A field in the customer’s billing address is not accepted by the gateway. Normally happens when importing subscriptions manually and entering a field incorrectly.

(1). Update the customer’s address book and/or apply a new address to the subscription.

(2). Contact Rebillia to see if it is possible to update the data directly in the database.

“The options of one or more products are invalid.” The product configuration has changed and the data the has been originally stored on the subscription is not valid anymore. Most commonly happens when upating the option set / variations on the product. Edit the customer’s subscription in the Rebillia app. Rebillia will load the current product configuration on your store and allow you to select the options/variations from it to reconfigure the subscription. Most of the time, you will see which option/variant is invalid by Rebillia prompting you to “Choose one”. Seldomly, all options/variants will look like they are properly selected – the explanation to how this happens is long, but the fix is easy – just click “save”.
“Quantities of one or more products are out of stock or did not meet quantity requirements.” When Rebillia tries to generate an order with a produt that is out of stock. If Rebillia can’t create the order, it won’t try to charge the customer’s card.

(1). Update stock availability on your product.

(2). Push your customer subscriptions to the future where you have the product in stock.

“Operation timed out after 60000 milliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received” Either the store or the gateway took too long to respond to our requests. Normally, a momentarily API issue. Nothing can be done to solve this.
“Subscription without associated credit card” There is no credit card on file attached to this subscription listing Contact the customer and make sure a new card is added and/or attached to the subscription
“BigCommerce General Error. There was an error when trying to create this order.” Rebillia could not create the order for the subscription in BigCommerce. The subscription won’t be charged. Nothing can be done to solve this.