Subscription FAQs

Here you will find answers to questions regarding the use and daily routines of using our Recurring Orders feature.

What happens if I use Rebillia's Options / Option Sets in BigCommerce's "option" interface?
Rebillia’s Option / Option Set creation is Product based. Any action taken out side of Rebillia’s back-end interface will cause a malfunction in the recurring orders processing structure. – Should you manually implement Rebillia’s Option into a new option set – this purchase will always be dealt with as a 1-time purchase. – Should you manually implement Rebillia’s Option Set to a different product – subscribing to this product will cause Rebillia to re-order the original product the option set was created for. Please refrain from editing / customizing any options / option sets created by Rebillia and / or manually entering them to other products.
Where does the subscription price come from?
Rebillia will use the price showed on the product when it is in the cart. That allows the merchant to give discounts and rules on the product and they will all apply to the subscription.
How can I change the title / display name of a subscription on my product?
The title / display name is the only part of a subscription you can modify from your BigCommerce interface. To do it properly, follow the instructions below: 1. Go to “Products” –> “Product Options” –> “Option Sets”. 2. Find the name of your product in the table, click on ‘…’ and choose “Edit”. 3. On the right side box, you will see the current option set title / display name. Click on “Edit” on the right side and edit the display name as you wish it to be. NOTE – Do not make any other changes in this interface without contacting our support team, as it will cause this subscription plan to malfunction.
How do subscriptions work with BigCommerce's "Product Pick List"?
This question has two answers, addressing both possible case scenarios:   CASE #1 – Applying a subscription on a product that has a picklist option in it: This case is when a picklist (“pick your soap”) is presented in a product (“create your soap subscription”) on your store – and you want to offer the product (“create your soap subscription”) on subscription. For this case scenario – Rebillia will work properly with BigCommerce.   CASE #2 – Applying a subscription to a product that is a part of a picklist: This case is when a product (“soap bar A”) is a part of a picklist (“pick your soap”) on your store – and you want to offer this product (“soap bar A”) on subscription. For this case scenario – It will not be possible with BigCommerce. Per BigCommerce functionality, a product that is applied into a picklist CAN NOT have an option set attached to it – and Rebillia’s subscription system works ONLY through options and option sets.
I am getting error 409 when trying to create a subscription. What is it?
When creating a subscription, Rebillia will automatically populate a new option set in your BigCommerce “Option Set” section. The option set will carry the name of the product. Error 409 will occur with there is already an option set in your BigCommerce “Option Set” library that has the exact name of the product you are trying to create a subscription on. This error will most commonly happen due to 1 of the following 2 reasons: – You have created an option set with the name of the product before. – You have created a subscription for this product, then deleted the subscription and for some reason (for example: BigCommerce API failure) Rebillia couldn’t complete the deletion of the option set from your BigCommerce “Option Set” library. How to fix this? Fairly simple. Just go to your BigCommerce “Option Set” library, find the option set with the exact name of the product you are trying to create the subscription on – and delete it.
My customer changed their address in BigCommerce, but it didn't change in the subscription. WHY?

Changing / updating the address book in BigCommerce does not automatically update information in Rebillia for 2 reasons:

1.Customers may have a multitude of addresses in their BigCommerce address book for use on different subscriptions (in B2B environments for example). Rebillia can not decide which address to use for which subscription.

2. Rebillia is connected to BigCommerce, and not the other way around. That means that BigCommerce does not update Rebillia on changes that happened on their side of things – so we don’t have a way to know when a customer changed their information in BigCommerce.

If a customer updated their address book in BigCommerce, make sure they know to go to their “View Subscriptions” interface, edit their subscription and attach the new address to their subscription. Also make sure they did not remove the correct billing address that is attached to the credit card, as Rebillia needs it to authorize their transactions.

I unsubscribed a customer, but the order is still in fulfillment process. Why?
The subscription listing created for a customer is not linked to a specific order, but is a representation of extracted information from said order. That means that even if the customer has unsubscribed, the order that initiated the subscription would still be considered a valid order. After all, they have cancelled the subscription – not the order itself. How to also cancel the order? Cancelling the order that triggered a subscription listing is done by simply Refunding / Voiding the order itself from the “Transactions” section in Rebillia. Note – Just as unsubscribing does not cancel the initiating order, cancelling the order does not cancel the subscription! Each must be treated separately.
My customer is trying to delete a credit card from his account and can't - what's happening?

Per security regulations, Rebillia does not actually save the card itself, but it saves allowed information in text form (like last 4 digits, card issuer and cardholder name), so the credit card information you (or the customer) see is just a plain text representation of the actual card from Rebillia’s database.

The actual card is being tokenized (a sort of encryption method used by payment gateways) and the token is shared between Rebillia and the gateway.

When a customer tries to delete a card on file, Rebillia will then go to the gateway and try to search for the token that the plain text information represents, and delete it in the gateway.

When they get an error, it means Rebillia couldn’t find the token in the gateway. That means that, due to human or technical error, that token has already been removed from the gateway records and this card is not available anymore.

When a case like this ocurrs, just contact our team and ask to remove the plain text representing the card from our database. Make sure to contact us with detailed information, such as customer and card information.

How do I offer different prices for different frequencies on the same subscription product?
As BigCommerce provides a fully functional pricing rules segment, Rebillia does not use one of its own – but uses BigCommerce’s functionality to understand pricing rules for subscription products.

To apply discounts according to the selected frequency, follow these steps:

1. Apply a subscription on a product.

2. Go to “Products” from BigCommerce’s back-end.

3. Edit the product you want to add pricing rules to.

4. Navigate to “Options & SKUs” –> “Rules” in the interface.

5. Click on the ‘Create a Rule’ button and create the rule you want to apply.

BigCommerce’s rules go according to an “if this , then that” logic, for example:

IF “Send every 1 week” is selected/checked – THEN adjust price by removing 10 percent.

Note that you can apply multiple conditions at the same time, for example:

IF “Send every 1 week” / “Send every 2 weeks” / “Send every 3 weeks” is selected/checked – THEN adjust price by removing 10 percent.


There are many more uses to BigCommerce’s rules. You can learn more with the following BigCommerce links:

What would I use Rebillia's "customize product price for recurring orders" for?
To understand the following explanation, first we need to understand what prices are applied when. Rebillia will only consider a customer “subscriber” if and after they opted in to subscribe and were able to successfully complete the order. With that said, we can understand that the pricing on the initial order (before we know it was successfully completed) is dealt with by BigCommerce. After the successful purchase, Rebillia will take over the pricing rules for the future charges on the product.
With all of the above, the flat-rate price option in Rebillia is for used for cases when you want the initial purchase to cost differently than the future recurring charges. For example, a software company that sells SEO services would charge the customer $250 to initiate their account, and then would like to charge them $50/month for maintaining the account.
So the product in BigCommerce will cost $250, and will not have any discount rules applied to it in BigCommerce’s side; The subscription will be flat-rated to $50 (otherwise the subscription charges would also be $250).
I am getting this error - "The options of one or mote products are invalid". What do I do?
Rebillia allows the merchant to create a subscription for a product – and it will be able to capture all different variations (or “Child SKUs”) of the product. For example, I have a “100% Cotton T-Shirt” product with “Size” and “Color” options in it for the customer to select their variation. When creating a subscription for a “100% Cotton T-Shirt” product, Rebillia will be able to subscribe customers and differenciate between all specific variations of the product (all combinations of “Size” and “Color”).
When this error ocurrs, it normally means that something changed in the option set on the product in BigCommerce. For example, the customer selected the color “Red” on the product, but now I don’t offer red anymore, so I removed it from the product –> when Rebillia will try to recharge the customer, it wouldn’t be able to, as “Red” is not an available option anymore.
The easiest way to identify and solve this is to go into the customer’s subscription in Rebillia, edit it – and Rebillia will show you which options are not selected anymore (instead of showing the selected option, it will show “Choose Option”). From there, you can select to either choose the options yourself, or contact the customer and ask them their preferences.
Can I use the same option multiple times on a subscription product?
No. Sadly, when Rebillia receives information from BigCommerce about what options were selected on the product, it receives 1 value per option. If your product holds the same option multiple times, it doesn’t matter what the customer has chosen throughout the product – Rebillia will only receive the first choice and thus register it to all the other. The solution is simple. Go to the option you want to use multiple times, copy it and change its name (normally it would be “option” “option#2” “option#3” etc..). Repeat this process for as many multipications you need for the product.
How do I stop Rebillia from re-trying to charge my customers' unsuccessful subscriptions?
Currently, there is no interface provided to customers to do this function, but it is still possible to do so. In order to stop Rebillia from re-trying to charge a customer’s unsuccessful subscription charge – just contact our team through email and provide a list detailing the customers you wish to stop trying to charge. We will take care of it.
Can I migrate / manually enter a subscriber/s into Rebillia?

Currently, there is no interface for merchants to do this by themselves, but the Rebillia team can help you with this! Contact our team through email and let them know you are looking to manually implement customers into your subscription system. Our team will then provide you with a CSV file you need to fill up and send back to us so we could create subscription listings to those customers.

Please note that Rebillia can attach a customer to a product’s subscription, but it can not select the options for the customer (i.e we will subscribe the customer to your Shirt product, but can not select what Size or what Color). All manually implemented customers will be available within the merchant’s interface at the next 3am EST, where the merchant will be able to go over the subscriptions and select the options for the customers.

Furthermore, this migration / manual implementation is subject to technical support hourly rate charges. Rebillia customers who have selected the “Pro Setup & Support” are entitled for 2 hours/month, so make sure you get as many customers together in the same file!

I want to stop offering a subscription plan, but to keep billing existing subscribers
In order to keep existing subscribers, but stop offering the subscription to other customers DO: – Create a copy of the product. – Render the original one invisible. – Remove the subscription option set from the newly copied product and add a new, non-subscription, option set to it. DO NOT: – Delete the subscription. – Delete the option and/or option set associated with the product. Contact us at for assistance.
I created an interval and a subscription but it didn't apply on the product
As Rebillia works with API (a 2-sided transmittion method that connects Rebillia and BigCommerce) to apply the actions you take onto your BigCommerce store, there might have been a momentarily disconnection between both parties. Please, delete the interval and the subscription and try again. Should this issue persist – contact us at
I changed my customer's information and it didn't update in Rebillia
As Rebillia is integrated into BigCommerce, and not the other way around – BigCommerce will not update Rebillia with everything that happens in it’s back-end intefaces. For that reason, we won’t be able to know immediately about those changes.

Rebillia will be able to update all information as soon as the next time the customer engages Rebillia –> so that means, the next time the customer logs in to their account in your BigCommerce store.

Should you require to update the information immediately also in Rebillia, just make sure you log in to the customer’s account after you finish all changes. To do so, just find the customer in BigCommerce’s back-end “customers” interface, click on the ‘…’ button on the right-side and select “Login” from the dropdown menu.