Order Status Error Fix

This documentation page will take you through the necessary steps to update order status on orders that BigCommerce archived and did not allow Rebillia to update.

Step 1: Find the order in your BigCommerce back-end.

The easiest way to do so would be to manually enter the URL into the browsers address bar. The URL would be structured as follows: yourdomain.com/manage/orders/OrderID.

For example: my store is www.example.com and the order ID I need to find is 12345, the link I want to create will be: www.example.com/manage/orders/12345

Step 2: Un-archive order

Once the page have loaded, you are supposed to see the order details. Follow the steps in the image below to un-archive the order:

Step 3: Returning to the order.

Re-enter the link you have created in step 1 to find the order again.

Step 4: Updating the order status

By default, after un-archiving the order in BigCommerce, the order status will show “Awaiting Payment”. Update the status to whatever status you use on your store for successfully charged orders (“Awaiting Fullfillment” / “Completed” / “Awaiting Shipment” etc…).