Void A Refund

Processed a wrong refund? Need to update the refund? – There is still hope. Follow this segmant to learn about Rebillia’s “Void A Refund” functionality.

Be advised – This function will be available only before the refund’s settlement process is done, usually midnight. There will be no way to void (cancel) a refund after the settlement process is done. *Void is not an available function within Stripe gateway, thus will not be available with Rebillia as well.

This functionality was made for merchants to be able to take back a mistaken refund. By tracking down the refund transaction itself (Search for the original order number and you will find the refund), Then clicking on the highlighted ‘View’ link all the way to the right, you can choose to “Void” this refund, thus cancelling the refund before it happened.

Voiding a refund will automatically update the total amount of the order and the outputs showing both in Rebillia and BigCommerce order section.