Recover Declined Revenue

Learn how Rebillia overcomes the mishaps of today’s enhanced online security.

Security Advancement

As technology advances, so does the e-commerce world. From processors, gateways and platforms to add-on apps and external service providers – Change is a constant. Today’s online shopping security services offer all kinds of security measures, such as AVS, Security Code Verification, Postal Address Verification, Credit history and much more… All to protect your store from fraudulent purchases.

With these extra security layers, more and more fraudulent transactions automatically get declined by the issuer, reducing the successful fraudulent purchases to an amazing 0.8% figure.

  • Successful Orders 68% 68%
  • Fraudulent Declines 14% 14%
  • Unexplained Declines 18% 18%

The Unintended Consequences Of Enhanced Security

With Rebillia, we have found that 32% (on average) of all credit card transactions are declined! Yes – Some of these are fraudulent transactions, but Visa Inc. reports that card-not-present (i.e., e-commerce) transactions have issuer decline rates of 14%. Using these statistics, we see that 18% of declines are not necessarily fraudulent.

Using our robust functionality and data, we see that more and more REAL customers get declined, having their purchases fail somewhere between the multiple layers of advanced online security.

  • Successful Orders 68% 68%
  • Fraudulent Declines 14% 14%
  • Unexplained Declines 18% 18%

Using Rebillia’s dashboard, you can access full order information AND live gateway response log – all within your BigCommerce store. With Rebillia’s easy-to-use filtering system, you will be able to determine the reason for each declined transaction in your store. You can see full shopper and order information (not found in BigCommerce’s order section) AND convert declined orders into revenue.


Our Customers Are Already Taking Control

See what they have to say about it

Prior to using Rebillia, we had no record of our decline statistics, and no way to study our rates. Now – not only can we count and understand our declines, we can also revisit our shoppers and help them remake the purchase.

With Rebillia I have made an additional 8% Revenue just from converted declines…

Adam Wilkins

Chief Financial Officer

Definitely the best bonus feature to come with an app on our store! The sad part of it all is that we had NO IDEA before.

With Rebillia our team made 5% worth of monthly revenue from converting eligible declines ALONE!

Lily McMannahan

Sales Head Executive

This is a ‘Correct Business Practice 101’ masterpiece. No more spending outrageous amounts of time over the phone with unhappy shoppers! Less than a minute – and I already know what needs to be done.

With Rebillia I broke our store’s monthly Revenue record.

Roman Struver

President & Co-Founder

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