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The new generation of subscriptions is here. With the most flexible subscription builder, easy, transparent UI/UX and dozens of supportive software integrations – Welcome to Subscription-verse.


Flexible Subscription Builder

With our A.M.P.C.C.T™ Wave technology, Rebillia’s subscription builder powers the most innovative, complex, subscriptions.

Intuitive GUI & Interactions

We make sure our interfaces are both easy to understand and easy to interact with, so less support calls are needed!

Real World Experience

From eCommerce, through XaaS, to governmental – we’ve done them all. Excited to explore more!

Powerful Analytics

Staying on top of your metrics is one of the key ingredients to success in the subscription business.

Trend Leading Experts

Our team of experts does not just stay on top of the game, they create the game for everyone else to follow.

A.I. Muscle Memory

S.A.M.M, your personal assistant, will track data for you, make suggestions and improve visibility of important events.

Our Most Popular Features

Rebillia’s Smart Payment Routing system provides expense optimizations for every transaction processed through your business. Route transactions to the best fitting merchant account according to their currency, locale and size.

  • Control income per location / sale channel.
  • Save money on currency conversion rates.
  • Optimize transaction fee rate expenses.

Sell however you want, wherever you want. Rebillia’s Multi Store allows you to connect all of your sale channels / points of sale to one central account.

  • Control all your businesses from one interface.
  • Easily generate executive level, business wide, reports and analytics.
  • Track performance of each POS separately or comparatively to others.

Subscription analytics are only a part of the whole. Rebillia’s Analytics & Reporting system goes far and beyond to track and assess metrics for your business as a whole, and not just as a subscription business.

  • All the known subscription metrics, like MRR, Churn, LTV, AOV etc..
  • Net analytics like ROI, Net growth, Free trial cost analysis and more.
  • On demand Cohorts and exportable reports of every metric we track.

Would you believe if we told you that subscriptions plans are offered the same way they have been since 2010? The market has changed drastically and demands more flexible plans than the traditional subscription builders can provide! Rebillia’s Subscription Builder is equipped with our propriatery A.M.P.C.C.T™ Wave to offer the mose flexible, fluid subscription builder in the world.

  • No longer a subscription is restricted by the customer / price / product.
  • Unlimited possibilities for unique, in-depth, complex subscriptions.
  • If you dream it and it’s practicle – we can most probably do it!

Rebillia’s Subscription Bags provide consumers with new ways to control their subscriptions, grouping them together under collection bags to share base configurations like shipping address and payment method.

  • Organize all your subscriptions in separate bag, naming them anyway you want, like “My Personal Bag” separated from “Parents Gift Bag”.
  • Add products directly from the PDP to a subscription bag, without needing to complete a purchase to subscribe.
  • Invoice all subscriptions in the same bag together and every bag separately.

Rebillia’s Channel-Based approach coupled with our Multi Channel Product Linking mechanism allows businesses to subscribe their customers to items from multiple sale channels under one subscription plan – creating a fulfillment process in all connected channels at the same time!

Our Customers

from Moms&Pops to True Enterprise, Rebillia is trusted by thousands of subscription businesses worldwide.

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