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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

The best way to get started with Rebillia is to schedule a quick introduction call with our team. This will allow both parties to get to know each-other’s capatbilities, needs and wants and create a great baseline for the relationship to succeed.

Do I need my own payment gateway?

Yes. At the moment, Rebillia does not service a built-in gateway functionality, thus we integrate with the leading service providers in the market. To find the gateways we support, click here.

Can Rebillia support international sales?

Yes. Rebillia supports all currencies and allows merchants to connect multiple gateway accounts, each associated with a (or group of) currency, to optimize OPEX on international currency collections.

How Rebillia handles reporting for multi-branch?

Rebillia allows to connect unlimited POSs to one account, thus allowing you to view your business as a whole, all in one place, while – of course, providing filtered, per POS, views for more in-depth analysis.

How does pricing work?

Rebillia’s general plan structure is built on a monthly flat rate fee + usage based fees. Rates do vary based on the business’ existing volumes, required features, integration type/level and more…

Do I need to sign a contract?

By default, Rebillia is a no-contract, month-by-month, service. Contracting with Rebillia provides the option for better pricing opportunities, but they are not a must to be a cherished Rebillia user.

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