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Frequently Asked Questions


To get a head start with Rebillia, we have compiled answers to the most asked questions below.

Q. Do customers go through my checkout page or an external page provided by Rebillia?

A. Both are possible, depending on your needs and the provider of your current checkout page. For Rebillia’s built-in sale channel integrations, we aim to work with the sale channel’s checkout page if possible.

Q. Do customers need to create an account in Rebillia to manage their subscriptions?

A. If you have your own customer database, customers will not need to create an account with Rebillia. Rebillia will generate an account for them in the background and allow them to manage their subscriptions through their already existing account with you.

Q. Is Rebillia PCI Compliant?

A. Yes. Rebillia is a certified PCI Compliance level 1 service provider. If you require Rebillia’s AOC for your business, please reach out to your account manager.

Q. Is Rebillia compatible with Europe’s “Strong Customer Authentication” rule for online purchasing?

A. Yes. Rebillia actively integrates with existing gateway provided tools to maintain SCA compatibility.

Q. What countries can I use Rebillia on?

A. Rebillia is globally available, supporting all time zones, currencies, and multi lingual interface customizations both for the business and for its customers.

Q. What currencies does Rebillia support?

A. Rebillia supports all currencies, as far as we are aware of. To find your specific currency, check our “Supported Currencies” table.

Q. Is Rebillia replacing our current payment processors?

A. No. Rebillia integrates with your payment gateway to process all transactions directly into your account. Here is a list of gateways Rebillia supports for transaction processing.

Q. What happens to existing subscribers if I make changes to a plan?

A. It’s up to you. By default, changes you make to a Product Rate Plan in Rebillia will not affect existing subscribers (“grandfathering”), but with marking a checkbox while processing the changes, you can apply the change to all active plan holders of this specific Product Rate Plan.

Q. Does Rebillia support physical item purchases that require shipping?

A. Yes. Rebillia supports both physical and digital items, each with their own requirements and fulfillment processes.

Q. How does Rebillia treat “Mixed Carts” with both subscription and non-subscription items?

A. The cart will go through as one cart, one order. As Rebillia reads the cart contents item by item, we do not need to split the cart to be able to treat subscription items and non-subscription items their respective ways.

Q. Do I need to create a separate Rebillia account for each business I want to use Rebillia on?

A. No. Rebillia is a multi sale-channel system, allowing businesses to connect as many separate businesses to it as needed, each business will have its own “Source” value, as well as can have its own currencies and gateways.

Q. Do I need to sign a contract to work with Rebillia?

A. No. Rebillia offers month-by-month plans alongside contracting. As we offer more benefits with contracting, anyone can start off as a month-by-month user and purchase a contract later on.

Q. Does Rebillia store my customers’ credit card information?

A. Yes and No. Rebillia stores some of the insensitive information, like cardholder name and last 4 digits of the card for display purposes, but the sensitive credit card information is securely tokenized and stored in your gateway account.

Q. How does Rebillia’s pricing work?

A. Rebillia offers the same plan structure to all of its customers, a flat rate monthly fee + subscription transaction fees. The values within the structure vary depending on a lot of factors (processing volume, AOV, MRR, feature specific needs etc). To get a proper price quote for your business, feel free to schedule a demo with our team and they will be able understand your business, build you the product lineup you will need, and provide a quote.

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