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Rebillia’s Smart-Routing allows merchants to configure transaction routing the exact way the want by matching payment methods with currencies and applying order total based rules.

Utility and Use-Case

With this functionality, Rebillia will be allowing merchants to:

  • Control which transactions go through which payment method.
  • Keep funds separate between sale channels.
  • Optimize currency conversion fee expenses.


Going through the Smart Routing interface, you will be able to connect payment methods, and specific merchant account IDs within payment methods, to each currency you have set up in your account.

To connect a payment method with a currency, click on the “Set Payment Method” actionable link, then:

  1. Select the desired payment method from the dropdown list.
  2. If the selected payment method honors a merchant account ID system, an optional input field will appear for you to enter the direct merchant account ID you want Rebillia to connect with.
  3. Fill in minimum and maximum transaction size you want to apply to this connection. Leave empty to accept all transaction sizes.

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