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From Gateways, through Smart Wallets to Offline Payment methods – this is the first step to start capturing and collecting revenue for your business. For businesses looking to work online, make sure you have at least one Rebillia compatible payment method working and available to collect online payments. Click here to view all of our supported online payment methods. If you do not find your gateway in our list, feel free to contact us to request a new gateway integration.

Payment Types

Payment methods are split into 3 (three) main categories:

  • Payment Gateways – Payment gateways are the most common way to process raw (not encrypted/tokenized etc.) credit card and ACH information, both online and brick-&-mortar. These payment methods normally offer a more comprehensive solution, including advanced filtering systems, fraud protection tools, card vaulting and updating functionalities and more.
  • Smart Wallets – Smart wallets are account based wallets that allow you to store your payment information within your account, and then use it online (some are brick-&-mortar compatible) to complete purchases without needing to enter your raw payment information online. These payment methods appeal very strongly to the convenience aspect of online purchasing.
  • Offline Payments – Offline payments are all payment methods that can not normally be completed during the purchasing experience and require further action to be taken to complete. For example, “Pay in Store”, “Send a Check”, “Money Order” etc.. These payment methods are mostly used by businesses that transact sums that can not be purchased via the online “card not present” method and/or businesses that do not provide online payments.

Connecting a new Payment Method

  1. From the main payments page (link at the top of the page), click Add Payment Method.
  2. Select the payment method you want to add to your account and follow the prompts as displayed. Some gateways will require entering keys and credentials, while others will require logging in and providing Rebillia with a set of permissions.
  3. Once completed, make sure to follow up with our individual documentation pages for each payment method, as further actions may be required to properly set up the connection.

Configuration Testing

Each connected online payment method will allow you to run a configuration test, to verify the connection to the gateway is still valid and working. Highly recommended to perform before going live.

*Not available for “Offline Payments” payment method.

Routing & Display

With Rebillia’s multi currency, gateway and sale channel system, every payment method added to your account would need to be further configured to specify the way you want Rebillia to interact with it. There are 2 (two) components to configure:

  • Smart Routing – This is where you control which currencies each payment method account is associated with, assign specific merchant account IDs (if necessary) and more. Follow our Smart-Routing documentation page for more details.
  • Sale Channel Display – This is where you control which payment method(s) to display for your customers on each specific sale channel you have connected to your account. Follow our Sale Channels documentation page for more details.

Gateway Migrations

As Rebillia stores all payment information (i.e credit cards) directly in your gateway account, in order to switch between payment providers a migration process will need to take place. The process includes (by order):

  1. Contact your current payment provider and ask for a data migration of all customer and payment information over to the newly selected payment provider.
  2. Once the process is done, ask your newly selected payment provider for an export of all data.
  3. Contact our team so we could arrange secure transfer of data for us to verify if any further synchronization steps are necessary. Normally, data does not get re-structured, which means that this step is not necessary.

Disabling/Archiving Payment Methods

You are able to freely disable and enable any payment method you have connected to your account. Disabling a payment method will remove it from any sale channel it is connected to, so that no new customers/purchases could go through this payment method while keeping all already existing information functional. Any subscriptions and payment information already stored on the gateway will remain active and keep running properly.

Once a payment method is disabled, it can then be “Archived”. Archiving a payment method will fully disconnect it from Rebillia, losing the ability to continue transacting even already existing subscriptions and payment information.

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