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Configure and collect taxes for your Rebillia subscriptions and invoices.


Rebillia is not a registered transaction tax compliant service. We integrate with leading providers in the market to provide best-in-class, comprehensive, and automated tax calculations to all of our billing processes. For legal questions or seeking professional advise about your business’ tax calculations, we recommend contacting one of the registered tax service we integrate with. Feel free to reach out to our team for introductions and referrals.

Tax Introduction

  • Unless specified as exempt, Rebillia will include a tax calculation with each invoice it generates (new subscriptions, renewals, and one-time charges).
  • The tax will be calculated using, by default, the shipping address for physical orders and the billing address for digital orders.
  • Per configuration, Rebillia will display VAT, GST and Sales-Tax in each one’s respective way in each invoice generated.

Applying Tax Codes & Exemptions

To make sure proper tax calculations are applied, follow the checklist below to verify you have configured tax codes and exemptions in all the necessary steps:

Account/Customer Exemption

Organizations, as well as individuals, can receive an exemption certificate, granting them the right to not pay taxes for their purchases. To set an account and/or a parent account as tax exempt, navigate to Accounts –> Find the account/customer and enter their account –> Profile. There, check the tax exemption checkbox.

*Make sure to verify the account owner/customer has provided a valid tax exemption certificate before checking this checkbox.

RatePlan Charge Default Tax Class

To set a default tax class for a RatePlan Charge, navigate to Products –> Find and enter the product –> Rate Plans –> Expand Charges –> Edit Charge –> Price tab. There, you will be able to select the appropriate tax class to apply for this charge. Depending on the tax provider you have integrated, a different list of options will appear. Generally, the default tax classes available are: Non Taxable, Default Tax Class, Shipping, Gift Wrapping, Handling, and Custom Tax Item Code.

*If you did not connect a tax provider from our Tax integrations, you will only have the ability to select between the “Non Taxable” and “Custom Tax Item Code” options.

Sale Channel Default Tax Service

To set a default tax service for a sale channel, navigate to Sale Channels –> Manage Channel –> select POS –> Settings. There, scrolling down in the page, you will be able to select the appropriate tax service provider you want Rebillia to use for billing invoices originally sourced from that sale channel. Make a selection between: Tax Free, Fixed Amount, Fixed Rate, External Amount, and Integration.

*By Selecting the external option, Rebillia will expect the tax calculation to happen externally and be passed with the checkout object/ invoice/ subscription etc. Rebillia will never calculate nor update tax on this item.

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