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Sale Channels


For businesses running through multiple locations and looking to easily maintain subscriptions throughout their whole operation in one place – Rebillia’s “Sale Channels” provides one consolidated interface to connect multiple businesses to.


As a multi-store software, sale channels is the component that allows Rebillia to differentiate between each point-of-sale that is connected to it, provide each with its own set of rules and allow the merchant to view consolidated and/or channel specific information across the whole platform.

Throughout the whole Rebillia software, relevant components will have a “Source” they are associated with or a “Channel” they belong to. Entities in the Account and Product components will be associated with “Channel” as to “where was this account generated from” and “where is this product connected to”, while Subscriptions will be associated with a “Source”, as to “where was this subscription purchased originally”.

For any entity generated directly within Rebillia, the “Source” and/or “Channel” will be defaulted to “Manual“, with the ability to later edit and associate with a sale channel.

Channel Types

Rebillia integrates with multiple kinds of channels to allow businesses to connect Rebillia to any part of their selling procedures:

  1. Marketplaces Anything from eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce & Shopify to Shared Catalog systems like Amazon and eBay.
  2. Storefronts For businesses that do not have an OMS system connected to their storefront and want to sell directly from their webpages.
  3. Points of Sale (POSs)Collect payment information and generate subscriptions directly from any POS system.
  4. Ads & SocialUtilize social media’s strengths and allow customers to subscribe directly from your social media accounts and/or compatible advertisement platforms.

Note! – The only integration currently available for the general public is our BigCommerce integration. For inquiries about any other sale channel integration, release dates and/or joining our beta testing circles – feel free to reach out to our team.

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