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Even though the main goal of subscriptions is the future, logging historical data is as important. These logs will allow tracking invoice history, external order history, as well as activity on the subscription like changing addresses, plans, pricing and more.


In this interface, staff members will be able to get a quick view of the subscription’s billing history, organized by invoices. The data grid table will display Invoice ID, Status, Subtotal, Total, Date Created, Date Paid, and Shipping Details as well as provide an action button to travel into the invoice detail page, where further actions (like refunding) are available.

For more information about invoice statuses and available actions, refer to our “Transactions & Invoices” documentation section.

External Orders

For subscriptions that are generated from, or linked to, a sale channel, as well as subscriptions that have a 3rd party integration like Tax or Shipping apps, Rebillia will generate external records in each respective system. This interface will allow company staff members to quickly identify which invoice in Rebillia represents what order number in their external OMS, as well as what record in their Tax/Shipping app generated the quote. The data grid table will display Invoice ID, Status, Date, External Reference (like external order ID), Customer, Total, Source (which sale channel it interacts with).

Note! – this section does not hold any transactional information. The status of the record refers to the completion of the task in hand with the external integration, like creating external orders or getting a tax quote applied to the invoice.

Retrying Failed External Orders

Creating an external order from a Rebillia invoice can fail due to a multitude of reasons. When that happens, Rebillia will display a hoverable error exclamation mark and a “Create Order” button to retry creating the order.

Please make sure you fix the issue described in the hoverable content before trying to create the order again.


In this interface, staff members will be able to follow each action that has been taken on the subscription, from automatic processes like invoice creation and collection to manual changes done by both the customer on their own control panels and staff members in the Rebillia app interfaces.

Each log record will have an action button to view the log details. The detail page contains:

  1. Log Details
    • Event ID
    • Level
    • Message
    • Name
    • Source
    • Created At
    • Updated At
  2. User Details
    • User ID
    • User
    • Username
  3. Full Data Content
    • JSON string of the request.

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