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Subscription Bags


Subscription bags is the parent entity to subscription plans. It allows creating bags that can hold a single, or multiple, subscription plans in it, each bag with its own unique characteristics, like shipping address, payment method and more.


Subscription bags provide high level control to both the customer and the business defining the relationship between subscription plans. Below is a list of all characteristics of this feautre:

  • Creation – An account’s first bag will be automatically created with the activation of their first subscription plan. From that moment on, all new subscription plans added to this account will, by default, be added to that same subscription bag. Customers can always create more bags in their control panels.
  • Removal – Not like subscription plans, subscription bags remain active even if all their contents (subscription plans) have been cancelled or moved to another bag, and need to be manually deleted to remove them from the account.
  • Unique Fields Each subscription bag will hold a combination of Payment Method and Shipping Address that will apply to all subscription plans within it, as well as an editable Name, so the customer could recognize this bag.
  • Invoicing Grouping subscription charges into invoices will be determined by their subscription bag relationship. That means that each subscription bag equates to an invoice. If a customer has multiple subscription charges due on the same day, they will be split to separate invoices according to their subscription bags.

Merge All Plans in Checkout to One Bag

When a customer purchases multiple rate plans in the same checkout process, Rebillia will merge all rate plans into one subscription bag. This enhancement streamlines the management of multiple subscriptions, ensuring a consolidated approach to invoicing and payment processing.

Moving Plans Between Subscription Bags

Company users can move plans from one subscription bag to another. To do this, go to the “Accounts” page and the pressed desired account. Choose the subscription bag you want to move a rate plan from by clicking on it. Within the subscription bag page, select the equalizer button for the rate plan you want to move and navigate to the “Move Bag” option and select the desired subscription bag to move to.

Creating a Subscription Bag

Creating a subscription bag is very similar to a checkout process, just without actually processing an order. The customer will select their desired Shipping Address, Insert/select the Payment Method and the matching Billing Address. Once completed, the bag will be available for the customer to view and interact with in their subscriptions interface.

“Add to Bag” Button

Rebillia provides a toggle-switch feature that allows customers to add a subscription plan to their bag collection directly from the PDP, without needing to complete a checkout process to subscribe to said plan. This feature provides another kind of control over the subscription, where the customer can select when they want their subscription to start, easily add more and more subscriptions to their bags while keeping all subscriptions organized, each in their respective bag.

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