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Customer Control Panels


This documentation page will cover everything that the customers are able to do to manage their own subscription and payment information, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. This includes the ability to update billing information for their existing payment methods.

Customer Access and Permissions

Customers’ ability to view and/or manage any of the following sections is controlled by the company’s settings, where the company user can decide which functionalities do they want to allow their customers to manage autonomously.

When enabled (each can be enabled individually in the settings), customers will be able to find these interfaces in their account page OR at the designated interface the company designed for them.

Manage Payment Options

Our Customer Control Panel is designed for ease, providing customers with the capability to manage their payment options efficiently. This includes the ability to add new cards, select a default payment method, update the billing address, and change the card expiration date for their existing cards. Customers can also add a new card or address and assign it directly to their subscription from within the subscription record itself, which streamlines the management process.

Note! – Editing payment methods relies on the payment gateway supporting such functionality. Not all payment gateways support editing payment methods.

Manage Subscriptions

The Manage Subscriptions section equips customers to fully control their subscription settings. It is designed to allow customers to view active subscriptions, modify subscription plans, cancel or pause services, and even reactivate old subscriptions. As part of managing their subscriptions, customers have the capability to add and assign new payment methods and billing addresses directly within the subscription record, as well as manage the schedule and content of every scheduled renewal.

View Upcoming Deliveries

Customers can conveniently keep track of upcoming deliveries through our customer dashboard. This feature enables customers to see all scheduled deliveries, providing a transparent and predictable delivery management system.

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