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Maintain full history log of all invoices and transactions billed to this account from all subscriptions and non-subscription purchases, as well as manually generate charge and credit line items to invoice the account with.

Charges & Credits

Businesses can create unique billing related line items directly associated to an account. Those items are completely unrelated to any of the existing Rate Plan Charges from any of the products in Rebillia, and act as a stand-alone line item that can be added to any existing invoice and/or generated into its own invoice.

Those line items can be configured either as a “Charge” or as a “Credit” where the former means we want to add to the invoice total and the latter means we want to retract from the invoice total.

Once configured and saved, they will act as one-time use entities that are stored on record for the account until they are used. There are two ways to use a Charge/Credit record:

  1. Add a Charge/Credit to an existing invoice, by simply editing the invoice and adding the desired line item.
  2. Generating a new invoice, by simply clicking on the “Generate Invoice” link in the page and adding the desired line items to it.

Note! – Charges/Credits can only be added to existing invoices that have no transactional data associated with them. Once an invoice has collected payment (even if it is partial), it can not be edited anymore.

Invoices & Transactions View

These data grids allow tracking of the account’s invoicing history and transactional data. Click on the action button on the right for further actions like viewing details and editing information. Additionally, invoice source information is now available to view in our API, providing better visibility and tracking of invoice creation sources.

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