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Payment gateways are the component in charge of validating a customer’s credit card information and authorizing (or rejecting) transaction requests. Gateways have the ability to run fraud detection suites, business specific filters and communicate directly with the processor (normally banks) to initiate the transfer of funds between the purchaser and the seller.

Gateway Compatibility

When considering working with Rebillia, it is important to make sure that the payment gateway you have chosen to work with is supported by Rebillia. Click here to view the list of payment gateways Rebillia supports.

If you do not yet have your own payment gateway account, there are a few factors to consider: make sure to verify the gateway supports the products you sell, where your company is based, where your customers are based, and of course the fee structure and values you will be billed to use that service.

Friendly Note! – Don’t hesitate contacting us for any recommendations about a preferred gateway service to best match your business needs and the products you sell. Although we can not guarantee success nor the best rates or service – our team has a vast database of businesses from a wide range of verticals to draw from

If you already have a payment gateway service provider and it is one that Rebillia supports, follow the gateway specific documentation to learn how to connect it with Rebillia.

Gateway Configuration

Rebillia allows merchants to connect multiple different gateway accounts to one Rebillia account. Each gateway has its own set of rules and configurations it will follow:

  • Location / Merchant Account ID Some gateways offer their users the ability to create “mini accounts” within their account, each to represent a unique location/sub-business transactions are to be associated with. Rebillia supports the ability to connect a gateway account multiple times, each associated with a unique location/merchant account ID.
  • RoutingEach gateway will be further configured in Rebillia to associate it with a set of currencies of which it should accept.
  • Sale Channel Association Each gateway will be further configured in Rebillia to associate it with connected Sale Channels to dictate how it should interact with customers.
  • Enable/Disable Each gateway connected in Rebillia will assume status “Enabled” by default, which means it allows new transactions (both one-time and recurring) to be processed through it. By disabling a gateway, subscriptions that are associated with this gateway will continue processing, but no new transactions will be allowed to process through it.
  • Gateway Environment Control – Rebillia has added the ability to set the environment of the gateway between Production and Sandbox. This feature provides merchants with the flexibility to test their payment processes in a Sandbox environment before going live, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction experience.

Credit Card Vaulting

To maintain the highest level of PCI compliance, Rebillia never touches the actual sensitive credit card information. Rather, when interacting with any one of our credit card interfaces, the user/customer will be interacting with unique, secure, input fields provided by the gateway. These fields are called “Hosted Fields” and they are maintained and fully controlled by the respective gateway and non of the information enters any data storage points in Rebillia, not even local/temp storage on the browser. Once the card information is processed (to store on file or capture a transaction) Rebillia will request the gateway to vault the credit card in their respective system and will collect non sensitive information it needs to maintain subscriptions and usage of vaulted cards, like last 4 digits, cardholder name, credit card token etc…

Fraud, Filters & Authentications

Every gateway has its own, built-in (or add-on), functionalities to allow businesses to run industry standard, as well as business specific, customized, checks on every transaction request sent to the gateway. These functionalities include, but not limited to, Fraud Detection Suites, SCA Verifications, 3D Secure, AVS Checks, Velocity Filters, IP Filters and more. Rebillia’s responsibility lies in sending the proper information to the gateway along with the transaction request so the gateway could process, as well as reflecting the gateway’s response (“decision”) to the transaction request.

To further streamline the integration process with third-party applications, such as Order Management Systems (OMSs) and Fraud Detection apps, Rebillia is passing the gateway transaction ID to every order it generates in a sale channel. This addition provides more clarity for these systems to effectively perform their tasks by utilizing specific transaction-related information.

Rebillia also transmits its IP address with every recurring order it creates in a sale channel. This measure is designed to enhance security and tracking for these transactions, ensuring a more robust and transparent order processing framework, especially for recurring payments.

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