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Invoice Details


Review, edit, track and/or take further actions on invoices from the “Invoice Details” interface.


The first section of the invoice details page will contain the terms and relationships of the invoice. This section includes:

  1. Customer – The name and email of the customer account associated with this invoice.
  2. Status – The current status of the invoice.
  3. Auto Collection – A on/off read only feature to define whether this invoice is set to be automatically collected by Rebillia or expected to be collected manually by the customer.
  4. Due Date – The date this invoice is due to be collected.
  5. Date Created – The date this invoice was generated.
  6. Payment Source – The payment method to be used for auto collection on due date.
  7. Bill To – The billing address associated with the invoice.
  8. Ship To – The shipping address associated with this invoice. Optional.

Line Items

The second section of the invoice details page will contain all line items that are to be collected/fulfilled with this invoice. Each line item will include:

  1. Item – The display name of the item, plus a link to the associated product and Rate Plan in Rebillia.
  2. Price – The price of the line item.
  3. Quantity – The quantity of the line item.
  4. Total – The total billable for the line item.
  5. Source – The origin of each line item, such as whether it was added manually, came from an online purchase, a recurring charge, or other sources.


The third section of the invoice details page will contain the summary and grand total of the invoice. The section will include:

  1. Subtotal – The subtotal figure calculated from summarizing the totals of all individual line items.
  2. Shipping – The shipping method applied to the invoice, plus the shipping quote.
  3. Tax – The tax class applied to the invoice, plus the tax quote.
  4. Total – The grand total of all figures together.
  5. Balance Due – The current balance due left to complete collection of the invoice.


The fourth section of the invoice details page will contain the transactional history of the invoice. Each transaction record will include:

  1. Status.
  2. Rebillia Transaction ID (linkable to go to the transaction details page).
  3. Transaction Amount.
  4. Payment Method used.
  5. Transaction Date.


The last section of the invoice details page will contain a log of the activity history on this invoice.

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