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Quick Guides


This documentation page acts as a library of mini training sessions for available actions with Rebillia. From settings, through management to troubleshooting and advanced features – scroll through the list or use keywords in the search bar to get filtered results for you.

Instead of waiting for dunning, can I try to charge a failed subscription now?

Yes! Subscriptions that already have an invoice generated for their renewal can be manually collected at any time. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the invoice – There are multiple ways to find this specific invoice, our recommendation is to navigate to the “Invoices” page and search by the customer’s email or name. Then, click on the equalizer button and select “View/Edit”.
  2. Manage Invoice – Once in the invoice page, click the “Manage Invoice” button on the top right corner and select “Collect Payment” from the dropdown menu.

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