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Transactions Overview

Transactions are the individual payment collections and reimbursements actions taken in relation to invoice records in Rebillia. Every transaction will be recorded with association to the invoice it belongs to.


Navigating to the “Transactions” interface, the dashboard will provide an overview of all transactions processed in Rebillia. In this interface, you will be able to quickly, and visually, get a summary of the important transaction data, like Transaction ID, StatusTotalInvoice IDCustomer, Payment Method and more.

Individual items in each transaction record could be further interacted with, and even follow through directly to the item’s detail page.

Search & Filter

To provide extra comfort in searching for specific data cases, Rebillia offers two forms of data tracking – Search and Filter. These methods are stackable, meaning you can filter the view and then issue a search on top of it and vise versa.

Searching for transactions can be done using the fields Customer NameCustomer Email, and Invoice ID.

Applying filters can be done by selecting the filter icon on the top-left of the data table and selecting one of the existing, or creating a new, filter(s). By default, Rebillia provides three pre-created filters:

  1. Today – View transactions from today.
  2. All Transactions – View all transactions.
  3. Yesterday – View transactions from yesterday.
  4. Current Week – View transactions within the current calendar week.
  5. Sale Transactions – View only sale transactions.
  6. Refund Transactions – View only refund transactions.

Creating your own filter is very simple. To learn more about creating and managing filters, visit our “Data Grid Filters” documentation page.

Transaction Statuses

A transaction’s status will get updated according to the last gateway response recorded in Rebillia. The table below describes each status available for a transaction and its description:

AuthorizedThe funds have been put on hold in the customer’s account, but not captured yet.
Awaiting SettlementThe funds have been captured, but the money transfer has not completed yet.
SettledThe funds have been captured and the money transfer is complete.
DeclinedThe transaction got rejected due to a decline.
VoidedThe transaction has been cancelled before the settlement process finished.
ErrorThe transaction has failed due to a reason that is not classified as a decline.
Requires Payment MethodThe transaction can not be collected, as it is missing a payment method.

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