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Go-Live Checklist


We know there is a lot to cover, configure and tie up to get your perfect subscription solution running, that is why we made sure to organize a checklist of the necessities and some more for you to follow and check items off your Go-Live list.

This documentation page is not a step-by-step guide, but a summarized checklist for businesses to make sure all of the items are ready to go live. Although not required, the order the items are displayed in on this page is also the recommended order of configuring a Rebillia account.


The account settings are the first thing you would want to have cleared out of your way. Without those, Rebillia will not be able to process the most basic of its features – billing.


  • Base currency is correct.
  • All additional currencies are set up.
  • Conversion rate rules are correct.

The base currency is selected by the user as part of filling up the company registration form.

Payment Methods

  • All your gateways are connected.
  • Gateways are set to the correct environment (not on Sandbox).
  • Run a configuration test to verify the keys implemented in Rebillia are still valid and the connection works.

For help connecting your gateway accounts, follow our “Payments” documentation page or go directly to your gateway’s documentation page from the following list: Braintree, Square, Stripe, Authorize.NET, USAePay


  • Each currency is linked to its appropriate payment method/s.

For help configuring smart-routing for your accounts, follow our “Smart-Routing” documentation page.


  • All Shipping Zones are created (if applicable).
  • Shipping methods are set up.
  • External Integrations are connected and functional (if applicable).

For help configuring shipping for your account, follow our “Shipping” documentation page.


  • Your Tax Integration is set up and enabled.
  • Your Tax Classes are correct.

For companies looking to utilize external tax system [for example the internal tax calculation from their eCommerce platform] no actions are necessary in this step


  • The correct TimeZone is selected.
  • The date format display is correct.
  • Physical Dimension settings are correct.

Company Users

  • Invite all necessary personnel.
  • Revoke access to un-needed users.
  • Verify access permission levels are correct.

Sale Channels

For businesses connecting Rebillia to their own OMS and/or storefront, this section will make sure all of the necessary items have been taken care of.

Connected Channels

Navigate to the “Sale Channels” section and verify:

  • Have your desired sale channels connected and enabled.
  • Sale channel credentials are correct.
  • The integration and implementation codes have been placed in your external OMS and/or storefront (follow the appropriate integration documentation for a step-by-step guide).

Channel Settings

Enter each sale channel’s settings and verify:

  • Order/Invoice status rules are set up correctly.
  • Default shipping method is selected correctly.
  • Default tax method is selected correctly.
  • The proper JS version of the integration code is selected (recommended to select latest version).
  • Checkout is enabled for subscription purchases (required) and non subscription purchases (optional).
  • Enrollment rules are set up correctly.
  • “Cart has subscription” message is correct.
  • Associated payment methods are selected.
  • Customer navigation links are set up correctly.
  • Customer permissions are configured correctly.
  • Customer Group rules are set up correctly.
  • Cart Actions are set up correctly.

Advanced Settings

This section does not contain required settings, but highly recommended for personalizing the business and customer experience with Rebillia.


  • Verify the “Billing Operations” is set to generate invoices at your preferred time of day
  • Verify the “Payment Operations” is set to charge due invoices at a time that is LATER than the “Billing Operations”.


  • Verify your notification channel (Google/SMTP account) are properly set up.
  • Verify all of the notifications you wish to send are enabled
  • Verify all the notification templates are designed the way you want.

Dunning Management

  • Go over your dunning procedure and verify it is set up correctly.

API Keys

  • If applicable, verify the necessary API accounts are created and keys are valid.

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