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Ever growing e-commerce demand

Consumer experience has always been the number one priority for sellers. It is true that online shopping is still behind bricks-and-morter, but the gap is closing fast!

According to a research made by Statista, In 2016, global e-retail sales grew 23.7% compared to the previous year, making up 8.7% of the total retail market worldwide. As the demand keeps on growing, by 2020 the e-commerce domain will reach approx. 13.2% or $3.5trillion of total retail sales worldwide.

What are consumers looking for?

As the e-commerce world gains more and more consumers, the one question that keeps being asked is ‘what is it that customers want?’.  Today, consumers demand more than just the ability to purchase online. They are looking for a more personalized, efficient, easy-to-use experience.

According to BargainFox, “If we examine deeply, most of the customer’s behaviors boil down to human psychology. The behaviors are always predictive in the sense. The moment you understand perfectly the reason behind how and why people navigate and interact online, you can easily design and develop your e-commerce website on those principles.”

Below are several key answers to this big question e-commerce merchants keep on asking:

Mobile First – Mobile compatibility has become a requirement for e-commerce merchants, allowing consumers to shop on the go, from their hand held device, unbound by time or location. Studies show that online shoppers connect to retailers through their mobile devices looking for comfortability, ease of use and a quick in-and-out interaction.
A Personalized Shopping Experience – Many online merchants, mainly the e-commerce giants, set personalization as a brand goal after a 2013 research found that 53% of consumers will purchase more products, more often on stores that utilized personalization methods, things like: Recognizing Past purchase behavior, Personalized payment methods, Loyalty programs, Subscription based discounts and more.
Website Usability – 76% of online consumers say that the most important service an online merchant needs to offer is ease of use. Improvements in your store’s usability will increase purchases substantially! Upgrading information flow can deliver an 83% ROI within the first couple of months, Offering guest checkouts will increase purchases by 45%, Optimizing the checkout experience can reduce checkout time by up to 70 seconds – resulting in an amazing 34% increase in conversion rate.

Rebillia is built to attract consumers

Using 3rd party applications on your store, as good as they are, can prove troublesome. Pop-ups that divert shoppers’ attention, external services that redirect your shoppers to a different website and more are all red flags for online consumers.

Rebillia takes pride in being undetectable. By being the ONLY fully embedded app that automatically syncronizes with your store’s look and feel – while still providing the shoppers a better, more personalized shopping experience, Rebillia enhances store usability and streamlines information flow with ease of use.

As we understand the unstoppable growth in demand and supply of the e-commerce domain, we are only beginning to provide better solutions and functionalities for merchants around the world. With an ever improving platform, that knows the needs of a merchant and the wants of a shopper – your store will always have the competitive advantage, going forward to level the playing field against the e-commerce giants (Amazon, Target etc..).

We put ourselves to the test – and these are the results

*According to data collected from stores using Rebillia for at least 9 months. Results vary.


Average Order Value Increase


Conversion Rate Increase


Returning Clientele Increase


Rerurning Order Volume Increase

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