Better Business Brewing 

Empowering Coffee Shops with Rebillia’s Scalable, Dynamic, Subscription Services

Rebillia’s platform brings cutting-edge subscription management to your fingertips, allowing you to effortlessly manage, track, and optimize your coffee subscription services for maximum efficiency and profit.

Unleash The Aroma of Success

Boost your coffee shop with Rebillia’s easy-to-use subscription service. Our platform is fine-tuned to showcase what makes your brand special and cater to what your customers love.

Automate Billing Processes

Eliminate operational expenses by automating the whole billing process of invoicing, payments, dunning and order fulfillment.

Optimize Stock Management

Never miss a sale because of out of stock items. Predict inventory needs months ahead of time and have the time to prepare accordingly.

Increase Loyalty & Retention

Put together awesome combo deals mixing different coffees with snacks or accessories, making a tempting offer for a fuller experience.

Engaging Communication

Keep your subscribers engaged and up to date with their subscription purchases throughout their subscription lifecycle.

Data To Scale With

Collect insightful analytics and metrics to help you make data driven decisions to reach your business goals and keep growing your success.

Instill Freedom & Confidence

Increase retention rate and LTV through transparency. Give customers full control over their subscription and personal information.

“Rebillia’s solutions have been a pivotal key switch to allow us the freedom to focus on our brand and our customers, repurposing our workforce to focus on reach and innovation instead of inventory management, manual invoicing and customer service calls.”

Renee Adams

Head of Commerce, Revolution Brewing

Specially Brewed Subscription Models

Keep the coffee coming as often as your customers want it, creating a steady habit that means regular sales for you. Easy and regular deliveries strengthen ties with your customers, making their daily coffee ritual something to look forward to.

  • Frequency Based Plans – Let your customers select their preferred cycle length for each renewal.

  • Auto Renewing Prepaid Plans – Allow your customers to prepay for a certain length and receive free orders throughout their plan length.

  • Expiring Gift Plans – Give your customers the gift of gift giving with pre-set lengths and tiers of subscription packages.

Bring excitement to your customers with our specialty subscriptions, like “Coffee of the Month”, “Rotating Product” or “Build-a-Box”. It’s a great way to introduce them to new tastes each month, spicing up their coffee routine and giving them something new to try.

  • Box of the Month – Surprise your customers and create interest and excitement every month. Send a different product to your subscribers with every recurring cycle.

  • Rotating Product – Create and manage a list of products that will forever rotate with each cycle of the customer’s subscription, giving the customer both the feeling of something new every time and the joy of reminiscing over long loved flavors.
  • Build-a-Box – Allow your customers to personally craft their own subscription box, with their favorite flavors, sizes and quantities.

Put together awesome combo deals mixing different coffees with snacks or accessories, making a tempting offer that also encourages larger sales. Pair each bundle with perfect side items that make for a great coffee time, encouraging your customers to enjoy a little café vibe right at their place.

  • Pre-Curated Bundles – Craft professionally selected bundles of products that work together, so your customers won’t need to search for the perfect combination of flavors.

  • Progressing Plans – Create a unique experience for your customers, guiding them through your journey of flavors, one cycle at a time.

  • Variety Packs – Pre created or manually selected, allow your customers to get the combination of products they want to get.


Our Platform, Your Tools For Success

Advanced Payment Controls

Every business has different payment requirements and processes. Rebillia’s payment solution provides a wide range of controls over how payments are being introduced, captured and processed.


  • Multi Gateway & Currency – Simultaneously manage multiple payment gateways and currencies to capture payments from customers worldwide, using their native currencies and local gateways.
  • Smart Routing – Save money by defining business rules for customer geolocation, transaction amounts, currencies and more, to choreograph the flow of payments from customer to your bank account.
  • Wide Collection of Payment Methods – Offer your customers the comfort of subscribing to your products/services with their preferred payment methods (card, ACH, online wallets, offline payments, and more).

Subscription Management

Increase LTV and retention by providing your customers with the security, comfort and transparency they need to keep their subscriptions active.

  • Automated Communication – Keep your customers engaged and feeling in control of their subscriptions, and everything included.
  • Self Serve Interfaces – Allow your customers to view and manage every aspect of their subscriptions: pause, skip, reschedule, cancel, opt-out of renewal, edit quantity, product details, etc.
  • Seamless Experience – Maintain your business’ look and feel. With Rebillia’s seamlessly embedded interfaces, customers won’t know you are using a 3rd party system at all.

Fluid Plan Architecture

Don’t bend your business rules and needs to fit into traditional subscription functionality. Rebillia’s plan architecture supports all subscription complexity levels.

  • Pre Curated Bundles – Significantly increase your subscription AOV by providing professionally crafted product bundles that give your customers a more meaningful experience with your brand.
  • Specialty Subscriptions – Increase customer satisfaction and retention rate with unique subscription plans like “Build-a-Box”, “Product Carousel”, “Progressing Plan” and more.
  • Usage Based Billing – Liberate your customers from flat price memberships/programs. From including free usage rules, through tier-based usage pricing – bill them only for what they really use you for.

Complete Billing Suite

Save the trouble of billing and concentrate on scaling your business. Rebillia will take care of the whole billing process, from registration to fulfillment – every billing cycle, throughout the customer’s whole life cycle with your business.

  • Invoice Management – Auto collect, manually collect or send payment requests to your subscribers, as well as convert paid invoices into actionable fulfillment orders.
  • Dunning Procedures – Recover failed payments and better manage delinquent subscribers with fully a configurable, cycle based,  payment reprocessing mechanism.
  • Shipping & Taxes – Build your own rates or get live quotes from our certificated partners with every invoice to prevent unnecessary losses to your revenue margins.

Actionable Metrics

Harness the power of AI assisted analytics to make better, data driven, desicions for your business.

  • AI Predictive Analytics – Based on your history, Rebillia will estimate your future retention, inventory and revenues so you could concentrate on enrolling more customers and not have to manage your stock levels.
  • Cohort Analysis – Get more actionable information, faster. By segmenting your customers to unique sets of groups, you will be able to know what works best, how to keep doing it – and how to change those that don’t work.
  • KPI Tracking – Know exactly where you stand today, and how you fare against yesterday. Configure, track and adjust your business goals with Rebillia’s KPI trackers.

Multi Business Operation

Simplify the processes of managing multiple businesses and introduce new collaborative initiatives to maximize your multi channel presence and revenue stream.

  • Cross Business Subscriptions – Strengthen the bonds between your separate businesses by offering your customers subscriptions that include items and/or services from one or more of your other businesses.
  • Catalog Network – Allow other businesses (partners, influencers etc) to offer your subscription items directly in their interfaces, seamlessly integrating their storefronts to your Rebillia backend.
  • Warehouse Optimization – Speed up fulfillment process by routing orders and their individual items to the correct warehouse location, according to the customer’s shipping/service address.

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