Square was established to give every aspiring business owner an easier way to take credit cards. They have built a lot more tools since. From side gigs to sports stadiums, They are helping power businesses of all sizes and types to help them succeed—no matter what success means to them.

Square has introduced a smart ecosystem of softwares and hardwares that allow businesses to maintain all channels of sales in one place. Whether you’re online, in store or both, Square’s intuitive Dashboard puts all your business data in one place. From real-time reports to customer contacts, you have everything at your fingertips to make informed business decisions and plan for the future with confidence.

The Rebillia-Square Experience

Rebillia uses Square’s API to directly initiate charge or refund transactions on behalf of the merchant. Once integrated with Square and Rebillia, you’ll automatically see all your transactions’ data flow into the Rebillia app on your store. Furthermore, easily and quickly you will be able to manage all of those transactions – refund or void them, within the Rebillia app.

Our great team will get you set and ready to start selling subscriptions using Square gateway

Once our team completes Rebillia’s integration with your store, you will access your Square account from Rebillia to connect both accounts. You are all set! No further configuration or API keys copying is needed.

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