Back-End Controls

Rebillia is packed with enhanced back-end functionalities for your financial control

Take The Reins

Approach active sales management in a smarter way.

Rebillia combines your platform’s controls with your gateway functionality – All in one interface.


View Order Information

Rebillia offers a second look on your platform’s order information, with new information added, such as Credit Card used, Settlement Status and Transaction Type. Learn More

Fully synced with the platform's order section

To ensure any change you make on Rebillia or the Platform will stay in tune for your analytical insights. Learn More


Void & Refund

Stay in control through the whole settlement process, so you will not have any delays dealing with your customers. Learn More


Partial Refund

Refund any amouny you want, up to the original order total. Also, make changes needed in your platform’s order section and Rebillia will know to suggest how much should be refunded. Learn More


Void a Refund

Not available with all gateways. This functionality will allow you to take a step back if you made the wrong refund. Learn More


Full / Partial Charge

For “Authorize Only” users. Also great for pre-orders and rentals. Learn More


Bulk Charge

For “Authorize Only” users. Gives you the ability to review multiple orders at once, choose to fully charge or patially charge and also recommends charge amount according to changes made in the order. Learn More


Track Order History

Any action you take on any order will be recorded and documented in our dashboard. This will always keep you updated with the balance between you and the shopper. Learn More


Document & Understand Declines

Track down your declined transactions and have the tools to understand if this is a fraud or a legitimate customer that needs your help. Learn More

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