Mobile Browsers

Enabling 3rd party cookies

Enabling 3rd party cookies will allow you to enjoy enhanced functionalities and a more personalized experience while browsing on the web.

iPhone/iPad – Safari:

Step 1:

– Tap the “Settings” icon on the home screen.

– Scroll down the sidebar until you see “Safari”.

– Tap the “Safari” icon to open its menu option.

Step 2:

– Scroll down until you find “Block Cookies”.

– Tap the “Blok Cookies” option.

– Select the “Always Allow” option and return.

Android – Chrome:

Step 1:

– Open Chrome app.

– At the top right, tap  More –> Settings.

–  Tap Site settings –> Cookies.

Step 2:

– Make sure the Cookies lever is switched to “on mode”.

– Make sure the Allow 3rd party cookies box is checked.

Android – FireFox:

Step 1:

– Open FireFox app.

– Tap the menu button –> Settings (may need to tap More first).

Step 2:

–  Tap Privacy –> Cookies.

– Select and set Enabled as your setting choice.