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The Rebillia Strong Suits:

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Regular Repeat Customers

Stores with a regular base of returning clientele have a great starting point for implementing Rebillia. The shoppers already trust your store and come back to make multiple purchases on your store, and will continue to do so. So what are the benefits of implementing Rebillia?

Client satisfaction is an important matter these days, espacially for stores with regular base of returning clientele – by implementing Rebillia, you will be able to enhance your store’s shopping experience significantly while providing a more personalized interface for your shoppers. Furthermore, According to our last study, Rebillia will help increasing the Average Order Value by 14.34% and the number of Orders by 27.11% – meaning that your clientele will shop more and shop bigger!

“…1-800-Stencil’s customers are typically in a rush, sometimes on a jobsite, on the road, or up against a tight deadline. The Rebillia app has allowed our users to check-out quickly and seamlessly, it is a perfect addition to BigCommerce!”

Jonathon Thompson

High Abandoned Cart Rates

According to a study made by Statista, explaining reasons for online shopping cart abandonment, an average of 68% of online shopping carts end up abandoned. Out of all the listed reasons, we have found Rebillia fitting to directly affect several of them, thus being able to substantially decrease cart abandonmend rates on your store, such as:

11% reported payment was declined – With an average of 35% of online orders being declined, and with only 14% considered fraud, there are a lot of “soft declines” that are caused due to human mistakes while entering the payment details. By letting Rebillia save the information, there will be no more human mistakes.

15% reported website timed out & 21% reported the process took too long – With a saved credit card, we eliminate the most time consuming, troublesome part of the checkout, thus segnificantly shortening the time that it will take a customer to checkout on your store.

“…After deciding to try rebillia for our store and with some phone calls to our old fashioned customers, we got them to sign up and checkout with their card, which dropped our abandonment rates by almost half!…”

Lin Lee

Enhance Customer Experience

The e-commerce world is on a roll, growing in an unstoppable pace, and soon will reach the 15% mark of total yearly purchases made worldwide. With this power and demand, online merchants must be able to supply and match the ever increasing standards of the online commerce domain.

The top 3 “Demands” of online consumers today, accoding to BargainFox, are Mobile, Personalized Shopping Experience and Store Usability. With these 3 topics in mind, Rebillia is able to provide a more personalized experience, with saved cards and subscriptions, bringing the store usability to the standards of today – and keeping it on 100% mobile friendly functionality.

“…The best part is our customer experience, our customers immediately contacted us about the new feature and expressed that they were happy we finally made it easy for them to shop with us…”

Joaquin Honeywell

Looking to Increase Revenue

Online presence is the 101 for success on the e-commerce world. With Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp, Review apps, Google Maps, LinkedIn, AdRoll, AdWords and so many more.. who has the time for all of that?! So yes, it is important to keep your online presence felt, it is important to post, tweet, comment, share, send, locate, connect and advertise, but all of this consumes unmeasurable amouts of time and money.

We took actions in a different way, directly enhancing your customers’ shopping experience, with no manual work needed. So while you work on keeping your online presence felt, setting up Rebillia on your store will not take longer than 5 minutes, and will become a factor to get your shoppers to come again.

“…After years on BigCommerce, being mostly stuck on a steady income rate, trying a lot of different apps to help increase our numbers (optimized checkouts, reviews apps and much more) – this app really exceeded all my expectations!…”

Samantha Nichols

New Stores

Opening a new e-commerce store is just like jumping head first into a gladiator arena. The competition is endless, the competitors are merciless and success is mostly a matter left to the crowds.

If you offer quality goods with fair prices, just like the rest strive to do, it is going to be hard for the consumers to exclusively choose you. While ads and special discount coupons will generate initial attention, Grab a competitive advantage by setting up Rebillia on your store, and set yourself apart of the competition by making your store easier and faster to shop with!

“… I liked the app but wasn’t sure if it was something that I wanted to offer to my customers just yet but I gave it a try and it worked just as it should…”

Matthew Davidson

Want to offer Subscriptions

Subscriptions are, by far, known today as the best passive income provider for the e-commerce domain. If your customers are already coming again and again to purchase the same product, why let them hassle? why let them forget and miss a sale? Easily convert a product on your store to offer it on a subscription base. This way you could make the most of your customers, and free their time to shop for other products on your store.

“The Rebillia app was the missing piece for us as we were launching our subscription site. The ability for customers to securely save credit card information in their account was a critical component to the reoccurring billing process…”

Jay Hackney

Over-the-phone & Manual Orders

Picking up sensitive information over the phone with customers is a troublesome time-consuming process, which also is a possible PCI compliance breach. Keeping this sensitive information saved with a service provider that specializes in that, will not only help you manage those orders alot faster and easier, but also solidify the confidence of your customers in your store’s security measurements.

“…It was always a hassle when they called on the phone or tried to place their order online and had to enter their card each time. Especially for phone orders this is a lifesaver….”

Noah Lebowitz

High Decline Rates

According to Rebillia’s analytics and statistics studies, we see that approximately 32% of all yearly transactions made on our users’ stores are declined, while Visa, Inc. has reported only a 14% average of yearly declined fraudulant transactions. So what happend to the remaining 18%?

Those declines are known as “Soft Declines”, and they are, honestly, just missed revenue. Sometimes the customers will try again, fix their error, and succeed – but sometimes that’s not the case.

With Rebillia, you can view all declined transactions with full order and customer information, while only one click away from our live gateway response log, that will provide the reason for the decline. This tool will allow merchants to contact their shoppers, with an answer to the decline, and earn that revenue.

“Definitely the best bonus feature to come with an app on our store! The sad part of it all is that we had NO IDEA before. With Rebillia our team made 5% worth of monthly revenue from converting eligible declines ALONE!…”

Lily McMannahan

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